How to get off Drugs

Several years ago when I was still actively involved in drug rehab and treatment I thought about the large number of people who needed treatment or rehab but were not receiving any help at all. They may have really wanted treatment but they were afraid. Maybe they were just scared. Maybe they were embarrassed. Maybe they did not want anyone to find out they were doing drugs much less that they were addicted. The reasons were many and varied. I could not help them even though I knew there were ways to help them. I just did not know how to reach them. They probably existed everywhere but I did not know them or how to help them. That was then. This is now. The gap still exists. Many people are still overlooked or missed in our treatment systems as they exist today.

how to get off drugs self help guide

How to get off drugs

Several years ago I started working on a book about how to get off drugs. It took me longer than I anticipated. It needed to be more than just another book that offered free advice. It had to address all the issues. It had to comprehensive but concise (you know not too long). It had to be a self-help type book. Not just a book that told you what the problem was but a guide to tell you what to do in a step by step way. There was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind; something was still missing. First, I discovered I had written it in a manner that was more for professional people (too many words that were used only by professionals) than the people I intended it to be. I had to do a re-write.  Then I let some people read it. More corrections….. Would it ever end?

During this period I was also doing research. What else was needed? Several things struck me as important as to why people did not succeed. First, and seemingly the most important was the withdrawal symptoms. How do they get through the withdrawal symptoms? More research. A new product was born of this research. The product came to be called WITHDRAW. It would help to lessen the withdrawal symptoms maybe even do away with some of them during home drug detox. This does not get them off drugs but helps them if they decide they really want to get off drugs. Maybe we are getting somewhere now. Book still not finished…..  Keep working on the book. A title is now chosen. The book is to be called “How to Get Off Drugs” a self help guide. This still does not complete the needs of someone getting off drugs.

Withdraw stop withdrawal symptoms cold in there tracks

Withdraw stop withdrawal symptoms cold in there tracks

In the development of WITHDRAW I discovered that many individual ingredients did not act alone. There needs to be a synergy among the ingredients. That means that there are ingredients that only work if they are given together. The dilemma developed as to how to make the WITHDRAW have all the ingredients necessary to be effective but small enough to take. The idea struck me that part of the product we need to be effective already exists. That product was Nutridone. Nutridone contained many of the ingredients to make WITHDRAW work effectively to help alleviate many of the symptoms of the withdrawal process. We could make them companion products. When taken as companion products, they each compliment the other in providing the desired results of relieving or eliminating many if not all then most withdrawal symptoms. Nutridone was already being used to help with things like low energy, constipation, sweating and sugar craving. By combining the dose of both products you would use the right interactions of ingredients to make them work in an integrated system.


Nutridone was developed for some specific symptoms that plague methadone patients but the formulation lends itself to helping in the detoxification process. Many of the ingredients are necessary to provide the proper synergy to help the

WITHDRAW do what it needs to as well as provide a basis for restoring the body to its normal functioning especially in area of metabolism. This balance in metabolism also helps the body to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

In the research I discovered that residuals of drugs are stored in the fatty cells of the body. We

know about all the traditional methods of dealing with triggers but nothing about these residuals. Triggers are those things or ideas that trigger one to use drugs. Those are things that one can deal with once they are identified. But the residuals are not something we identify or even see. We needed to find a way to deal with residuals of the drugs in the body. We discovered a whole body cleanse. You take the whole body cleanse to clean out the residuals and any other poisons in the body. We must be there now!!!!  Not completely.

We have dealt with the “how to” with our book “How to Get Off Drugs”. We have given you something to deal with withdrawal symptoms, the WITHDRAW in combination with Nutridone. Also we have given you something to help you with the drug residuals stored in the fatty cells of the body. The Ultra Herb Cleanser is the answer. What is left to do? There may be other concerns that you have about this whole process of getting off drugs.

There some other considerations that we have to deal with at this time. Some people experience a lot of pain. If you use the traditional medical methods to relieve the pain, then may be using a trigger that will get you back in the habit of using/abusing drugs. We then knew we needed a pain reliever that was not habit forming. We found a product called Natural Pain Rx that can be safely used for the pain.

Restoration is probably one of the ultimate goals. You would like for your body to function as it is supposed to when you were not on drugs. We recommend a product called Milk Thistle that contains something called silymarin. Silymarin is naturally produced in the liver to help clean toxins out of the liver. For some reason when people get drugs the liver does not produce enough silymarin to keep the liver cleansed. The liver is important to many of the body functions, so it is important for the liver to function properly.

One of the things that is a challenge for most Americans is the enzyme balance in the digestive system. But for people who were addicted it is even more of a problem. The food we eat does not usually restore this balance of enzymes in the digestive tract. We recommend our product Digest System to help your body properly digest your food properly. There are some indications that pain is felt as a greater intensity if you have digestive problems.

There are two other products that may be needed in the recovery process. The first is Immune +. This will help to restore the immune system in the body. The other is Omega 369. This will also help the body to function better and will likely help with the moods that are prevalent in the detox process.

We were challenged to find a way to close the GAP. And now we have!!!! Now that we have your attention we will outline the plans we have available for you.